Music Scene in Macon Middle Georgia | May 2012

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Summer Tour 2012! | Dank Sinatra


June 14 – The Hummingbird, Macon, GA June 15 – The Green Bar (Formerly Little Willies), Tuscaloosa,AL June 16 – Molly MaGuire’s, Savannah, GA June 22- Athfest, Bad Manor, Athens, GA June 23 – Bayou Bills, Valdosta,

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Cherry is the New Pink: Floco Torres

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Macon, Georgia is the home of the famous stars like Otis ReddingLittle Richard, The Allman Brothers, Young Sleezy, Jason Aldean and so much more. Now, Floco Torres is making a name in the Music World.Floco Torres

Kevin Williams Jr. or popularly known as “Floco Torres” is a 24-year-old emcee/musician from New Jersey and has conquered the music scene in the South. After experiencing a series of tough luck, Floco Torres earned his first award for Best Local Hip-Hop when he graced the music industry in Macon, Georgia. He got his name Floco Torres when his friend’s grandmother  saw how skinny Kevin was growing up and when she died, he decided to adopt her last name and established the name “Floco Torres”. Floco Torres was honored with two indie awards for the hollywood he created titled “Psycadelphia”. He also won in Gateway Macon’s Gateway Project Music Competition, which he received the grand prize of $50,000. He then released a new EP, a debut album typically with short songs, titled 10,000 Hours to celebrate his success.

Floco Torres’ Cherry Street won the 7 amazing awards listed below. People’s comments were positive about his win and a lot of people agree that Floco’s Cherry Street made the residents proud of Macon, a city they call home.

  • 2012 Silver Award: 4671V – Cherry Street – TV Programs, Segments, or Promotional Pieces – Editing
  • 2012 Bronze Award: 4669V – Cherry Street – Non-Broadcast Productions – Videography/Cinematography
  • 2012 Bronze Award: 4662V – Cherry Street – Non-Broadcast Productions – Charitable/Not-for-profit
  • 2012 Bronze Award: 4664V – Cherry Street – Non-Broadcast Productions – Travel/Tourism
  • 2012 Bronze Award: 4666V – Cherry Street – Non-Broadcast Productions – Use of Music
  • 2012 Bronze Award: 4668V – Cherry Street – Non-Broadcast Productions – Sound/Sound Design
  • 2012 Bronze Award: 4672V – Cherry Street – TV Programs, Segments, or Promotional Pieces – Sound/Sound Design

What Floco says about Macon during his Interview with Luke Goddard:

“Luke: Cool. Tell me about your journey to Macon– the stops on the way down and why you finally decided to settle here in Macon, GA.
Floco: I supposedly had an internship with a major label the summer of 08′ and I was already planning to try to hit Atlanta. I left on a Friday and by Saturday afternoon, I was driving in VA and got the call that the program had been canceled. So I decided to keep coming down and stay with my Uncle and Grandma who live in Macon. I met a lot of interesting people on my drive down, VERY interesting. [Laughs] Didn’t plan on being in Macon for almost 2 years now but its worked out…


Luke: Yes, it has. And you’re certainly doing your own thing. I mean, there’s not a huge hip-hop scene here in Macon, is there?


Floco: The thing is there IS. There are alot of artists doing their thing outside of me and the other big names in Macon. It comes down to unity and people getting over this side of town and this crowd. Just make the music YOU want and then progress with who likes you. Or at least thats what I’ve learned. But there’s also alot of crap too, which is everywhere. [Laughs] No shots. I just try and stay in my lane keep my sneakers clean…literally..Somebody is always steppin on ‘em! [Laughs]


Luke: I noticed on your blog that one of your favorite spots in Macon is The Golden Bough Bookstore. What’s some of your favorite books that you’ve read over the years?


Floco: The Golden Bough is awesome! Catch me in there hanging out at any given time when I’m in Macon. “Catch Me If You Can,” The Frank Abagnale story. I read “To Kill A Mocking Bird” again ’cause I failed the test on it in High School. The Macbeth story(cant remember the name of the book though) and I’m reading “Where the Money Was” right now and it’s dope. I mainly read a lot of billboard charts and artist interviews though.”

Floco Torres released his first album “Floco’s Modern Life” which was financed by his fans through the World’s Largest Funding Platform, Kickstart. Until today, Floco is making a name of his own in the music industry and continues to influence people through his songs.


Catch Floco Torres at the Cherry Blossom Festival:

Nightly Concert

This Thursday, March 22,2012 at Coca-Cola Entertainment Stage Central City Park features Floco Torres from 7-9 p.m. and Jubee and the Morning After from 9:30 a.m.-11:30 p.m. Beer specials beginning at 8 p.m. Best of all: Free admission. Don’t miss out on all this fun!

Enjoy a video of his song “Cherry Street” which helps put Macon, Georgia, home of The Cherry Blossom Festival – The Pinkest Party on Earth. Cherry really is the New Pink!

Genre: Alternative Rock  / Experimental / Hip Hop/ Indie

Listen to Floco Torres’ songs. Get ready to be amazed! Here’s the Top 10 list of Floco Torres Songs:

  1. Brenda
  2. Cherry Street
  3. Catch Me
  4. Peace
  5. FML
  6. Side Walk Talk
  7. Hot Like The Sun
  8. Post Acid Remix
  9. Letter to a Model
  10. I Want You To Hate It






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Georgia Music Hall of Fame Closing

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It is a sad day in Middle Georgia, a sad day in Macon, Georgia. The Georgia Music Hall of Fame’s governing board voted on May 24, 2011 to close the doors on June 12 and move its collection of memorabilia to the University of Georgia in Athens, and other state colleges. Memorabilia from the collection includes more than 30,000 records, books, instruments, costumes, awards, and posters.

Here’s a small collection of music videos from a few of the Georgia Music Hall of Fame Inductees.

Ray Charles
1979 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Inductee

Johnny Mercer
1980 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Inductee

“Little Richard” Penniman
1984 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Inductee

Otis Redding
1981 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Inductee

The B-52s
1981 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Inductee

James Brown
1983 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Inductee

Lena Horne
1991 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Inductee

The Allman Brothers Band
1998 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Inductee

2006 Georgia Music Hall of Fame Inductee

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Gregg Allman to Publish Tell-All Memoir

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Painful stories are often kept locked away. In the case of popular musicians in the public eye, the fans can piece together a fabric portrait of events as they happen. The fans of Gregg Allman and the world are now looking forward to a patchwork quilt of memories in the memoir penned from this Rock ‘n’ Roll and Georgia Music Hall of Famer. This “Tell-All” memoir will be published by William Morrow, a sub-division of HarperCollins publishers, in spring 2012. This memoir continues a trend of classic rock greats that are recently climbing bestseller lists including Keith Richards of The Rolling StonesSteven Tyler of Aerosmith, and Sammy Hagar of Van Halen.


“Gregg Allman will discuss for the first time the unflinching story of his life in music—from the Allman Brothers, to his solo career, to his string of failed marriages, the most publicized one to the entertainer Cher, to his struggles with drugs and alcohol, detailing his rocky path to becoming a member of classic rock royalty. From Gregg’s rough n’ tumble youth with his older brother Duane, to the formation of the band that would go on to change the sound of rock and roll, this music legend’s stories will be shared in the authentic and unforgettable voice of the man who lived them.”  ~ William Morrow Press Release

During the 1970s, Gregg Allman lived in Macon, GA and recorded with his brother, the late Duane Allman. They were one of the pioneers of the blues-inspired sound that came to define Southern rock. Learn more about Gregg Allman and the Allman Brothers Band at The Allman Brothers Band Museum at The Big House in Macon, GA.



Gregg Allman and Macon, Georgia

Other Books & Memoirs

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Macon Georgia Hometown Boy Jason Aldean

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Jason Aldean Hometown Macon Georgia

Jason Aldean, born Jason Aldine Williams February 28, 1977, grew up on Hartley Bridge Road in Macon, GA. After selling more than 3.5 million copies of his first three albums on the independent Broken Bow Records label, Jason Aldean is back with MY KINDA PARTY, that was released Nov. 2, 2010, and has come home to Macon, Georgia!

His previous albums have accounted for ten singles on the Billboard country singles charts, including the Number One hits “Why”, “She’s Country”, “Big Green Tractor” and “The Truth”.

The first year that Jason came to Macon to play was in a local bar, then the next year, a little Macon auditorium. Then, they sold out a concert at the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter in Perry, GA. In February, 2011, Jason Aldean sold out the Macon Coliseum which is where he saw his first concert.

It feels good when your hometown supports you, and Macon’s always done that with us. Every time we come here, it’s an event — which is nice. ~ Jason Aldean

News & Links About Jason Aldean and Macon, GA

Jason Aldean Fan Reviews

Jason Aldean On Facebook

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