More people will be getting their news and entertainment from blogs in the next five years than from the traditional media.  According to Technorati, 40% agree with bloggers’ views, and their trust in mainstream media is dropping. It should come as no surprise that the traditional media outlets (newspapers, television stations, radio) are scrambling and experimenting with as many social media platforms, message boards, event calendars and web community blogs in order to find the right fit for the communities they want to serve. The real question that begs an answer is: Will the locals want traditional media to be the host of the new media order?

I started promoting local bloggers in Middle Georgia in 2009 with blogsRoundTown Middle Georgia, a local directory blog guide. The guide is currently being upgraded and consolidated. Make sure you sign up for the Go Local newsletter to keep up with latest updates to blogsRoundTown and the rest of the goRoundTown® Network.

In the meantime, I am rounding up the top blog headlines every other week in order to promote our local bloggers in Macon and Middle Georgia. Here are posts from a few of the top local blogs for this first edition of the Middle Georgia Bloglines:

  1. Ongoing Art & Exhibits
    Macon Arts Alliance Blog - The official blog of a nonprofit organization that supports, promotes and advocates for the $18 million arts and culture industry in Macon-Bibb County and in 12 Central Georgia counties.
  2. The Voice Week 5 recap: Love is a battlefield
    Starcasm - an entertainment, celebrity, and pop culture blog with a passion for pointing out silliness, the ridiculous, and the ridiculously good.
  3. Carpet Burn
    SoChilite – Lifestyle blog of the cool, the hip & the scene
  4. Growing Up Digital (Redux)
    The Blog of Gerald R. Lucas – English Professor, New Media Specialist and Photographer
  5. A Victim of Our Own Success
    Rebel Yid - Frustrated by the lack of depth in most media; Rebel Yid aims to discover the dimension of ideas beyond the left/ right, red/blue, and liberal/conservative thinking. Find posts about economics, politics, power, history, religion and culture.
  6. New Book
    True Gris – The blog of Ed Grisamore, writer and columnist for The Telegraph in Macon, GA.
  7. Time for less butter
    All Get Out – The blog of Macon author Rick Maier bringing a little balance to Middle Georgia News
  8. The varsity boys soccer team at Mount De Sales Academy win GISA AAA State Championship with a thrilling 2-1 victory over Stratford Academy
    Andrew Brooks Photography Blog – This photography blog showcases the work of photographer Andrew Brooks who has been in business in Macon for over 15 years.
  9. Note to Self
    Amy’s Running Life – She runs for the pain of discipline, and out of fear of the disappointment that comes with the pain of regret.
  10. Edward Maussenet, Watch Maker (& I Have Photos to Prove It)
    Rose Hill Cemetery Geneablog – This is a geneablog about the tombstones of Rose Hill Cemetery, as well as the individuals they memorialize.

In reality, we are all broadcasters, videographers, reporters, photographers, review writers, etc. WE ARE THE NEW MEDIA. Even traditional media outlets want us to blog, take pictures, shoot video, albeit using their platform. In many cases, if you can start building an audience using their system as one of many platforms in your own blog network, then everyone wins. So, rise up, spread your word, spread The Word, and/or in my case, help everyone else spread their word.

Do you have a favorite local blog? Leave a comment and do tell.