Do something different and surprise the favorite old man in your life with a day trip to somewhere local. Chances are, there are at least two or more of these places in Middle Georgia that you haven’t even heard about, much less seen. You can be sure that he will enjoy himself and you’ll have those priceless memories to bring back home. You might even find a cool tie or mug at one of these awesome places in Middle Georgia.

Your virtual tour starts now:

Ocmulgee National Monument in Macon, GA

Dad will not believe that this place has been here longer than he has! About 17,000 years of continuous record of human life in the Southeast has been preserved. This national park centers around several burial mounds and an earth lodge built by the native Mississippian Indians around 900-950 A.D. If your father loves history and culture, he will be in awe of what lies at the Ocmulgee National Monument.

Learn more about the Creek Indians and how they lived at the Ocmulgee National Monument.

Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, GA

Come in for a landing at the Museum of Aviation! Dad will love seeing one of the largest aviation museums in the Southeast with more than 100 aircraft and missiles. Strap yourselves into one of the open cockpits and have a blast in the flight simulator. No aviation experience needed, but you may want to bring a parachute just to be safe! Don’t forget to bring home his favorite tie or mug from the gift shop.


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Go Fish Education Center in Perry, GA

If you’re planning a day of fishing with your Dad, then take him fishing at one of the fishing ponds at the Go Fish Education Center in Perry, GA. Catch two fish with one lure and learn all about the variety of water habitats in the state, as well as how a hatchery operates. See live fish exhibits featuring trout, largemouth bass and more. View aquatic wildlife, including live alligators. Try out interactive fishing and boating simulators or enjoy a walk with the old man on the nature trail.


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Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in Macon, GA

Celebrate your father and his favorite sport by taking him to the largest State Sports museum in the U.S. You will learn about Georgia’s athletes and their stories that demonstrate examples of triumph over adversity, the will to excel, and their wealth of talent and character. In the interactive area on the second floor, you can show your Dad you’ve got game by shooting some hoops on the basketball court, throwing a spiral on the football field, or race against NASCAR’s best drivers in the NASCAR simulator.


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Old Mill Motorcycle Museum in Juliette, GA

Ride out to the Old Mill Motorcycle Museum and see vintage motorcycles restored by avid motorcycle enthusiast, Les White. Marvel at the machinery and motorcycle displays surrounded by trophies, vintage photos, posters, memorabilia and great art.


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Comics Plus in Macon, GA

Last, but not least, end your day with some manly shopping. Get the hero of the day a long, lost comic book, baseball card or action figure to remember your action-packed day!


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PeachMac in Macon, GA

His day isn’t over until he gets his hands on some of the latest Apple gadgets at PeachMac in Macon, GA. He’ll have fun checking out all of the photos and videos of the newly experienced memories you just created for his special day on a new MacBook, iMac, or iPad.


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