Georgia’s Film Industry can be traced as early as 1912 and Central Georgia is the number one choice for set locations & film projects. There are three Fall Line Cities in Georgia and Macon is one of them. Macon’s one-of-a-kind geography that includes rolling hills and smooth plains, has become the home of many film productions. What’s more interesting is that Macon houses 5,500 National Register historical structures in all its 11 districts!

Unique architecture, numerous industrial sites, talented local people, reasonable expenditures and ofcourse, their genuine Southern hospitality makes Macon one of the greatest filmmaking locations.


The Crazies:


This suspense movie titled “The Crazies” was filmed in Middle Georgia and you might identify the extras here if you’re from Georgia as they hired locals for this movie. This movie was rated R because the scenes are not suitable for very young audiences as it contains violence and explicit language.


Trouble With the Curve:

Trouble With The Curve movie has already been filming in various location in Georgia including Atlanta, Athens, Conyers and Macon. The movie stars Clint Eastwood as a senior sports scout who attempts to improve his relationship with his hostile daughter during a baseball recruiting trip. The beautiful and talented Amy Adams plays as his daughter and Justin Timberlake is his opposing scout.

Georgia Film Commision:

Film Industry in Georgia has been known that it is always ready for films and TV productions with a very attractive financial incentives  with almost 30% of savings, exceptional location, affordable resources and amazing professional support that will surely make any production be successful.

The direct flights from over 200 cities in Georgia makes it very easy to fly in celebrities and talents any time. You don’t have to worry about the stay as there are lots of fine hotels and restaurants to choose from. With a very nice moderate climate all over the year, Georgia really is one of the best places to film movies, commercial and other broadcasting projects.


Macon Film Commission:

Macon Film Commission go between filmmakers who wants to make Central Georgia their location for various projects. With the help of the Macon Film Commission, the flow of projects will run smooth be it a commercial, movie or other broadcasting projects. The talented commissioners will help you in the following:

  • Supports set location assistance
  • Makes connections to local businesses and city officials
  • Supplements information in finding the best local production crew
  • Aids in casting calls to find talented actors all over Georgia


Macon Film Festival (MaGa):

Macon Film Festival was made to celebrate the amazing arts and crafts of filmmakers and to present indie films that are rarely seen in Macon, Georgia.

The Macon Film Festival invites all filmmakers, both mainstream and independent, to promote their films in Central Georgia. Entertainment, Education and Inspiration focused movies in all genres, themes and media are welcome to show the community their talent in filmmaking.


Movies from Macon:

The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings

In hopes of competing in the Negro National League, an African-American baseball star puts together his own highly theatrical team. - via IMDb


Yellow Orange

An idiosyncratic interior designer demands to spend one night alone in her clients’ homes before commencing re-decoration. Little does she know, her next job may be her last. - via IMDb


Welcome to Juliette

A talkative grandmother and her family encounter a killer who calls himself “The Misfit”. - via IMDb



“Superhero” follows the story of Margot, a young woman coping with the death of her parents by wearing a homemade superhero costume. She doesn’t know exactly when she started wearing the costume or why it makes her feel better, but somehow it has become her new skin. With the help of a few friends, and a unique comic book club, Margot begins to take her first steps back into the real world. - via IMDb


Cutting Room!

A group of aspiring actors attend a cast party for their low budget slasher movie. Missing from the fun is the movie’s director, who later the cast finds out is a killer herself! What lies ahead is a story of gruesome murder, spine-tingling suspense….and side splitting comedy? What demise will our young actors meet? Will anyone survive?…or will they all starve waiting for the pizza guy to arrive? - via IMDb

Jesus of Macon, Georgia

No one he touches will ever be the same. - via IMDb


Bach from the Dead

Johann Bach teams up with the mysterious Josh after he is resurrected by a failing rap artist. Thus ensues a murderous rampage that can only be quenched by one thing: cop John Cannon’s magnum. - via IMDb


A socially conscious monster movie in which zombies symbolize society’s disadvantaged and oppressed. - via IMDb

Stolen Babies

A 1940s Tennesee welfare worker learns that Georgia Tann, the charismatic head of a local adoption agency, is actually running a black-market baby ring behind the Tennesee Childrens Home Society. - via IMDb


Beautiful young Daisy feels stuck working as a shopgirl by day and caring for her ailing mother by night. A suicide gone wrong leaves Daisy wrongly imprisoned, while the neighbor whose testimony put her away struggles with guilt. A tongue-in-cheek homage to 1950s women-in-prison films. - via IMDb

Wise Blood

A Southerner–young, poor, ambitious but uneducated–determines to become something in the world. He decides that the best way to do that is to become a preacher and start up his own church. - via IMDb

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