How many of these event venues in Middle Georgia have you attended a concert, meeting, conference, wedding, event, etc.? We want to know which one is your favorite event venue. Leave a comment and suggest your favorite event venue if you do not see it on the list.

  • Hay House, Macon, GA
  • Cox Capitol Theatre in Macon, GA
  • Grand Opera House in Macon, GA
  • Macon Centreplex in Macon, GA
  • Georgia Sports Hall of Fame in Macon, GA
  • Macon Convention and Visitors Bureau in Macon, GA
  • Brickyard at Riverside in Macon, GA
  • Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, GA
  • The Armory Ballroom in Macon, GA
  • The SoChi Gallery in Macon, GA
  • Georgia National Fairgrounds & Agricenter in Perry, GA
  • Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, GA
  • Taylor House in Forsyth, GA
  • Juliette Opry in Juliette, GA
  • Dublin Country Club in Dublin, GA
  • The Armory Ballroom in Macon, GA
  • Healy Point Country Club in Macon, GA
  • Library Ballroom in Macon, GA
  • Macon Terminal Station in Macon, GA

Finding the best event venue for your particular event can be an exhausting task. To get the best results, make sure to use the following keywords in your search: event venue, {city name}

So for Macon, Georgia, you would use: event venue, Macon; for Milledgeville, Georgia, you would use: event venue, Milledgeville.

Keep your eyes peeled on the ads that are displayed on the page. You may find some promotions, specials, etc. that may be applicable to what you are doing. Here’s a list of event venue directories that can help you narrow the selection down:

  • Eventective
    Many local venues have signed up for your leads, so Eventective is a great place to start. As of the date of this post, I found 249 vendors in Macon, 91 in Warner Robins. In smaller cities in Middle Georgia, I would use the keyword search in your favorite search engine.
  • Cvent
    You can find meeting space for corporate events, special events, meetings and gatherings using Cvent, an event venue directory and search engine. As of the date of this post, there were 136 results in the Middle Georgia area with 52 in Macon, 19 in Warner Robins, 12 in Perry, 9 in Byron, 9 in Dublin, 9 in Milledgeville, 7 in Forsyth and more.
  • Macon Attractions & Popular Venues from The Telegraph
    The venues list that The Telegraph provides also includes events, restaurants and performers. As of the date of this post, there was 1 listing in Byron, 1 in Gray, 2 in Juliette, 8 in Macon and 2 in Milledgeville.