~I have discovered in my line of work that I get to become part of peoples lives in helping them to care for the things that matter so much to them.  Jewelry is really made up of memories and special occasions that mark our lives. Jewelry may be precious because of what it is made of but it’s real value is totally unseen. It’s true value lays in the heart of the wearer.

~Another thing I have discovered is that jewelry is portable art, portable inspiration. We are wired to need to be inspired, it is in all of us. I find myself staring at my rings at stop lights to pass the time, entranced with the sparkle and beauty. (Come on, you know you do it, too.)
I feel honored to be entrusted with this, whether it is a simple repair, or a large scale handmade piece.

~I apprenticed under a local jeweler who has since passed away. I learned a lot about ethics from a local watchmaker I worked for who still works every week and is 95. I learned from a very nice and successful local artisan who believes in continuing education and sharing of information. I have been hand making jewelry since 1995. I began in using raw materials and fabricated the jewelry I made.

~The first place I showed and sold jewelry was Anlage Art Gallery, Since closed. I began carving waxes in 1998 and have steadily applied any new knowledge to improve the product. Since 2002 I have traveled to Dublin GA once a week and have done handmade work through a jeweler there as well as repair and appraisals. In early 2008 I bought Gray Jewelers in Gray GA and have been selling jewelry in a retail setting as well as continuing with repair and handmade jewelry. I love Gray GA and the people there. I enjoy my work and have never looked back.

~~Georgia Heard