Unique Romantic Places in Macon, Georgia

With this being Valentine’s Day, I was inspired to think of some locations here in Macon that you may not usually think of as being romantic. With our natural love for historic architecture and gardens, we are quite lucky to have as many nooks as we do for lovers to walk hand in hand or even sit and talk. In our digital age, I think sometimes true romance is lost on us. When was the last time you simply took a walk and spoke with your honey? When was the last time the two of you read a favorite poem or song lyric together? There was a time when this was considered standard. What about writing love letters? Actual letters that one has to either hand deliver, put in the mail, or read aloud to someone? Here are some ideas of places in which you can do this to help you, shall we say, “set the mood”.

The Johnston-Felton-Hay House

The glorious mansion was built by William Butler Johnston for his bride, Anne Tracy. After their extended honeymoon across Europe, the couple was inspired to build this home in the Italian Renaissance Revival style. Encompassing 18,000 square feet, this is quite the impressive building. Many couples get married on its front porch. But when I was a middle schooler volunteering here, it was always the back garden that seemed inspirational to me. Being a bit of a romantic (I was always starting up such novels as a child- they never did find their way to being finished) I was always imagining the characters in my stories taking strolls and ending up in this garden. There is a cupula at the back, cupolas have always held a fascination for me ever since seeing ____ von Trapp singing to her boyfriend in one in “The Sound of Music”.


Washington Park

It might be a little cold right now, but when the weather is a tad bit warmer and the water is running, Washington Park makes for an ideal location for many weddings and romantic getaways. With its many benches and quiet little nooks this is an easy place to drive to and take a quick moment away. And it’s super easy to take a quick walk up the stairs to head over to Washington Library to grab a book or even to Joshua’s Cup Coffee to grab a drink or a snack.


Coleman Hill

No other location allows one to see the cityscape at Coleman Hill does. Add in the trees and memorials for fallen soldiers and you have a truly unique location to sit and muse the day. Add in another cupola here at the Woodruff House along with the Mercer Walter G. Elliott School of Law and you have added history as well. And if you are the athletic type, you could park at Washington Park and walk up the hill to get here, it makes for a nice brusque walk. Also tack on a sunrise or sunset and you have some even more memorable moments


Rose Hill and Riverside Cemeteries

Not sure if yall knew this, but when Rose Hill and Riverside Cemeteries were built, it was fashionable for people to take afternoon strolls and picnic there. While I might not suggest proposing to your lady here, they do still make for a nice afternoon walk. You can even look for headstones of lovers that have passed, you might find some love stories in unexpected places.

Y’all seeing some trends here? Take the time to get away from technology and get outside. Find a way to incorporate nature’s wonders in to your romance. Sharing in the wonder of a sunset can be one of the most romantic things ever, and can spark conversations that you would not have otherwise.



Happy Valentine’s Day!


- written by Molly McWilliams Wilkins

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